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Peace of mind starting at £10.99 per month!





If your Home or Business is protected by Shutters & Doors it is important to have them serviced and maintained on a regular basis.


So when it comes to warranty cover, we believe that only the very best will do. That's why we've introduced ArrowCare 5 yr Service Plan(s) - the authentic comprehensive service plan designed to offer peace of mind from the experts.


ArrowCare is the most convenient way for you to enjoy many years of safe and efficient running of your shutters and doors at affordable monthly payments.


Fee paid monthly direct debit only. Monthly fee(s) are for each door/shutter and on the same premises/building  



Select your preferred option... 


OPTION 1: ARROWCARE - Standard Cover 

£10.99 per month (includes parts, labour and one planned service visit per year)


OPTION 2: ARROWCARE PLUS - Standard and Motor Cover

£15.99 per month (includes parts, electric motors, labour and one planned service visit per year) 


ArrowCare - ensuring safety and efficiency

ArrowCare is a 5 yr service & maintenance plan that covers most types of shutters and doors of all ages. You already know how vital it is to have your shutter/door serviced regularly to ensure that they run well and are safe. By having your shutters/doors serviced by ArrowCare engineers, you can guarantee that all the parts used are authentic and that the engineer(s) working on your product are fully trained and qualified. 


Key Benefits

  • Affordable servicing; benefit from fixed cost monthly direct debit payments
  • A full service history is logged on our exclusive asset register database
  • Available on existing or newly installed shutters/doors
  • It helps our customers to follow the mandatory regulations - The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) Regulation 5. The Machinery Directive implemented in the UK by the supply/service of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, as amended by the supply/service of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2011. These regulations are enforced by the HSE in Great Britain. Ensuring the Health & Safety of all employees/personnel or persons operating roller shutters or doors
  • All work is carried out to the highest standards by experienced engineers


What is Covered?  

  • Option 1 ArrowCare - Standard Cover: All parts (Excluding Electric motors), labour and One scheduled service visit per year
  • Option 2 ArrowCare Plus - Standard and Motor Cover. All parts including Electric Motors, labour and One scheduled service visit per year


What is not covered?

Accidental damage is not covered. Pre-existing faults known about before the cover started. An electrical or mechanical breakdown if caused by the fitting of any accessory or failure to maintain or follow the manufacturer's or Arrow Security Shutters Limited  instruction including wilful neglect, damage, general wear consistent with age and usage, and replacement of your product if it is deemed beyond economical repair... See full Terms of Conditions - Conditions of Sale


What if your shutter/door cannot be serviced?

If the shutter/door is uneconomical to service/repair, or spare parts cannot be obtained we will cancel the plan and refund any payments made on an annual basis on a pro-rata basis.


When will i be covered?

Your cover starts the day we process your application.


Summary of ArrowCare & ArrowCare Plus Terms & Conditions - Conditions of Sale

  • ArrowCare & ArrowCare Plus is a 5- year service plan provided by Arrow Security Shutters Limited
  • Fee paid monthly direct debit only. Monthly fee(s) are for each door/shutter and on the same premises/building 
  • ArrowCare & ArrowCare Plus covers most types of shutters and doors
  • The products must be working at the time of enrolment and remain within economical repair at all times
  • Service intervals will be set by us in accordance with the manufactures recommendations for each product type
  • Monthly charges vary by number of products, with or without motor(s), and are payable monthly by direct debit only
  • ArrowCare & ArrowCare Plus is available in selected postcodes throughout mainland UK
  • ArrowCare or ArrowCare Plus cover is not transferable to another property or product, but may be transferred to a new owner of any property where cover is required
  • See full Terms & Conditions - Conditions of Sale


Call Our ArrowCare Advisors 0800 633 5736


PRICE TABLE Option 1: ArrowCare Standard Cover

1 Shutter/door £10.99 (per month)

2 Shutters/doors £19.78 (per month)

3 Shutters/doors £26.38 (per month)

4 Shutters/doors £30.77 (per month)

5 Shutters/doors £32.97 (per month)


PRICE TABLE Option 2: ArrowCare Plus Standard & Motor Cover

1 Shutter/door £15.99 (per month)

2 Shutters/doors £28.78 (per month)

3 Shutters/doors £38.38 (per month)

4 Shutters/doors £44.77 (per month)

5 Shutters/doors £47.97 (per month)


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