Tips on Keeping Your Property Safe

According to a report by UK government, around 650,000 burglaries take place every year.

This in itself should be enough of an incentive for owners to safeguard their properties. Whether it is your house or your shop, the following tips are sure to increase the security of your property. Arrow Security Shutters are a leading security products supplier in the UK and so know plenty on home security.

Secure the exterior

To start with, examine the exterior of your property in order to find any weakness. Check if there are any windows that can be forced open and if there is, put up measures such as metal shutters to prevent this. For entrances to shops, security shuttershave long been a popular option, and for good reason. They are sturdy, easy to use and can withstand most attacks. Nowadays, shutters can even be customised to a specific height or weight, so getting one constructed for your window or shopfront should not be much of a task.

You should also take the time to trim down the shrubs present around your house, especially the ones close to entrances and other entryways. This is because shrubs present excellent hiding spots for burglars, so cutting them down makes it harder for them to conceal themselves. In the same vein, eliminate dark areas void of any form of lighting. Burglars love dark gardens as it makes it easy for them to hide. Make use of motion lighting close to entryways and any dark areas. For those with commercial premises, industrial doors are a fine option at safeguarding entryways. If you have a security system, ensure that the security cameras are easily visible from the road. Most of the time, the presence of security cameras is enough to deter criminals from trying to break in.

Store your valuables away

This a bit obvious, but strangely many people don’t do this. Keep all expensive items such as the barbeque grill, bicycle etc. inside your garage instead of keeping it outside where it makes for easy picking. If you think the garage isn’t secure enough, consider going for roller garage doors. In addition to that, cover up any windows to the garage. There is hardly any point in keeping everything indoors if its easily visible through the window!

Be friendly to your neighbours

Get to know your neighbours. Burglars are known to target urban areas as neighbourhoods in these areas are not generally as closely knit as some others.  When you know your neighbours, you can start looking out for strangers and deter anyone from attempting a break in. Neighbours can be particularly helpful when you are away at work or on holiday so it’s a good idea to stay in touch with them. You can even try to come up with a neighbourhood watch system if there isn’t one in place already!

Hide the spare key

A common tactic among homeowners is to keep a spare key hidden somewhere in the porch or garden, most commonly under a flower pot. This helps in case someone is locked out of the house but nowadays many burglars know this too. The last thing you want is to give a burglar easy access into the house. If you do need to keep a key close by, give one to a trusted neighbour.

If you’d like to deter criminals completely, contact Arrow Security Shutters for the best quality metal security shutters. Visit our website to fill in your details or find the office nearest you.