Why You Should Install Security Shutters

When considering home security, shutters aren’t something we really consider here in the UK. Whilst they haven’t been widely adopted for a number of reasons, they do provide an additional layer of security to your home and are a fantastic deterrent for any opportunistic burglars who happen upon your home. Arrow Security Shutters, who have been installing and servicing shutters across the UK since 1991, have provided some reasons why you should add some security shutters to your home.

1. They add aesthetic value to your home

Previously, roller shutters were big and clunky and seemed to come in a one-size-fits-all variety. This made people dismiss them as ugly and not in keeping with the aesthetics of their home. However, nowadays, a company such as Arrow Security Shutters can customise shutters to the size of your windows, so they fit right in. They are neat, easy to use and you can also find colours to match the colour scheme of your home. Modern roller shutters are more minimalist and have small pelmet boxes. They are sturdy and add solidity to the external appearance of your home. So, banish the image of the commercial shutters and have a look at the new products on our pages.


2. They provide both thermal and acoustic insulation

Security shutters can dampen external noise to almost inaudible levels inside the home. This is great for light sleepers or babies in the home. You’ll also have another way to keep the cold out and the heat in, or on the warmer days of summer, you can keep a room cool by lowering the shutters a little. They block out UV radiation and keep the temperature regulated.

3. They offer burglar-proof security

Burglars will typically target homes that are inadequately protected. Nowadays there are ways to bypass alarm systems and even cut through glazing. However, if you install security shutters not only do they act as a deterrent, they will also actually prevent a burglar getting in through a door or window, as it’s highly unlikely they would have the kind of tools required to dismantle or cut through the shutters, and they would draw too much attention whilst doing so. If you add shutters to your home, you can have peace of mind whilst away on holidays or even just at work, knowing your home has the extra protection it needs.

4. They are practically fireproof

The materials that security shutters are made of are extremely durable metal, which makes them hard to set on fire. Although we aren’t prone to many forest fires or the like in the UK, if one of your neighbour’s houses catches fire for any reason, it can be remarkable how quickly the fire spreads. Metal shutters can partially guide against this as they can withstand extremely high temperatures, so adding an extra layer of fire protection to your home, at least from sources of ignition that are situated near the window.

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