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Window Security Bars, Grilles & Retractable Gates

Your Choice of Window Security Arrangement

The windows installed throughout your property are typically the weak link in the security of your business premises. Unlike your average door, windows are typically made almost exclusively of glass, allowing entry simply through the use of force. And even if using toughened glass, the weak link then becomes the windows frame and ancillaries. The best option available to you by way of window security is the installation of security bars, providing a much more robust line of defence and preventing unauthorised access. If you’re interested in how your property could benefit from the installation of windows bars, call us today to speak to a member of our team.

Choose from a Range of High Strength Window Burglar Bars

The options available to you by way of window guards that provide increased security are extensive. Depending on your requirements, we can supply you with window bars which are fitted to the internal face of the window, allowing you to remove them with ease for window cleaning or the maintenance of your windows. We can also supply you with window grilles which can be installed to the external face of windows and doors, providing a secure and retractable security upgrade which will prevent access to your property as well as damage to your windows and doors through brute force attacks and vandalism. Simply call or email us today and we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of your options.

Arrow Security Shutters: Supplying High Quality Window Security Bars UK Wide

Each of our window security products can be customised and configured to your requirements, providing you with a truly flexible security solution. If your property requires new burglar bars or window safety bars, we are guaranteed to be able to provide you with a security option to suit. Once you’ve decided on the security arrangement of your choice, give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a quotation. If you prefer, you can also place an order via our website by entering the details of each window you would like to install security bars to and then providing us with your delivery and installation requirements, wherever you’re located within the United Kingdom.
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  • Fixed Mesh Grilles

    Window Bars, Grilles & Gates | SECEUROSHIELD - Fixed Mesh Grille

    Starting at £166.00
  • Fixed Window Bars

    Window Bars, Grilles & Gates | SECEUROSHIELD - Fixed Bars

    Starting at £209.00
  • Removable Window Bars

    Window Bars, Grilles & Gates | SECEUROSHIELD - Removable Window Bars

    Starting at £231.00
  • Retractable Security Gate

    Window Bars, Grilles & Gates | SECEUROGUARD - 1000 Retractable Gate

    Starting at £309.00
  • Expandable Trackless Barriers

    Window Bars, Grilles & Gates | TRACKLESS BARRIER SYSTEM - Xpanda 2m

    Starting at £321.00
  • Retractable Security Gates - Insurance Approved

    Window Bars, Grilles & Gates | SECEUROGUARD - 1001 Retractable Gate Insurance Approved

    Starting at £354.00

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6 Item(s)